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A Gay Ol' Time is an approximately 110 page hardcover anthology of 48 portraits of LGBTQIA+ and Two Spirit Americans and Natives born in the 1800s, with accompanying short biographical quatrains. It aims to shed a little more light on these people history tends to forget, memorialize them in watercolor portraits, and invite its readers to research them further.

With a high quality hard cover and wonderful full color printed pages, A Gay Ol' Time is a perfect gift for any loved one.

Signed copies will include a ballpoint and posca portrait of a random person from the book on title page, adding to the loving hand crafted texture of this book, and if you have a particular person you would like drawn for your portrait, of course feel free to request them.

A Gay Ol’ Time was written and illustrated by Maple of Kiernan Sjursen-Lien/K+CO’s system.

A Gay Ol' Time: A History of LGBT Americans

  • Shipping is via USPS with tracking.

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