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A special ✨sparkledog✨ crafted kandi bag made to your rough specifications by SNAP of K + CO. The bag will not only come with your ordered kandi, but also a holographic sticker, and other goodies for good luck! (Currently low to no doodles due to burnout, I’m trying to do mini prints or sticker stationary now when possible instead!!)

There are three sizes:-a RaNdOm

single for $12-a CUSTOM

single for $15-or a CUS



toy necklace for $35 (right now I have neopets and stitch)Please reference Snap's instagram @THISNAPZ for images of what our final kandi will look like. While limited adult rated text content is A-OK, please both beads and wrist space is limited. Keep your text to one or two short words.


Kandi sales in particular fund my medical bills <3


All kandi bags created and managed by Snap of K + CO.


  • paw crafted by the green sparkledog herself