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THIS IS FOR THE THE IMMEDIATE DIGITAL ZINE- if you would like to preorder physical copies and goodies, please follow the link here! 


SPARKLEPATHY is a 100 page sparklecreature zine about being weird, with a special focus on mental illness, and wacky friends in weird places! It is $10 for a digital copy and $35 for the physical zine with a sticker by illustrator and designer Nao Romero with every copy! 

The zine seeks to put paw-in-paw to celebrate the mentally ill aspect of PLURR (PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT RESPONSIPILITY) culture, how we come together from our joint brain bees, the sparklecritters that seem to evolve in the crevices of the buzzing, and the loving evolution of that. 

I would like our readers to come away wanting to celebrate their own weirdness and self love their sparkle.

The zine's profits will be donated to benefit mentally unwell and homeless in crisis, starting with donations to the Los Angeles LGBT Center, after artists have been given their copies.

As a general warning, this zine is 16+. This means the artists themselves and the readers are encouraged to be closer to adult in age and maturity.

That being said, this zine is still readable with supervision. However, some potential triggers included in this zine are:
-Color/contrast triggers
-Medical Trauma
-Self Harm
-Drugs and Alcohol
-Blood and Gore
-Religious Themes

THIS page, the physical zine, for $10 includes a digital download of the zine! 

SPARKLEPATHY BASIC PREORDER ZINES will include the following for $35:
-The 100 page manga sized full color bound zine! Oooo!
-Glitter sticker by Nao Romero

SPARKLEPATHY DAZZLE PACKS will include the following for $90:

-The 100 page manga sized full color bound zine! Oooo!
-Acrylic Charm by Worsey

-Vinyl Sticker sheet by K CO 

-Holographic sticker by Danneroni

-Glitter Sticker by Nao Romero
-Vinyl sticker by Sweet Cream Arts
-A very special 10" rotatable ferris wheel acrylic standee of sparkle animals designed by GenOttr on a stand designed by RayStarKitty!
-Your VERY own kandi single bracelet made by ONE OF OUR ARMY OF SPARKLE VOLUNTEER ARTISTS!!!!! 


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