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TAILS FROM SEASONING CITY is a 24 page Mob Psycho 100 fancomic! Featuring 7 original stories surrounding the various characters in fuzzy form, TAILS is written by professional nerd and writer Kiernan Sjursen-Lien, known for their work on the comics for Over the Garden Wall, The Amazing World of Gumball, The Loud House, Fionna and Cake, and MORE, and now uses that power to bring you Mob Psycho 100 characters as critters. Excellent.


The 300% SEASON 3 BUNDLE includes the following:

  • A signed comic with a small sharpie drawing
  • A custom colored mixed media drawing of up to two characters YOU get to choose (yes you can ship ur babies and/or trash men) drawn and signed by the artist (dimple is a freebie)
    • A custom kandi single of your MP100 fav
  • A vinyl 3" sticker exclusive to the release of this comic
  • A lil thank you note =3

           The stories included are as follows:

  1. UFO- Tome tries to get Mob to help her win a stuffed alien.
  2. NATURE- Shou becomes one with nature and Ritsu is baffled.
  3. COUPON- Reigen, Serizawa, and Dimple go grocery shopping and it turns into an absolute mess.
  4. WINDOW- Teru struggles with living alone.
  5. GAME- Ritsu gets a little too intense about his new videogame.
  6. CAFE- Teru and Mob run into a familiar face at a cafe. Antics ensure.
  7. CHEER UP- Mob has had a bad day, and so his friends and family try to cheer him up.

    please note signatures on these comics are small but cute! the table of content is large- this comic has a lot of content- so there's less room for doodles!


Tails from Seasoning City 300% S3 BUNDLE

Only 2 left in stock
  • You decide.

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