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So I hear they have this new thing, right? It’s like mail…. But… it’s called…. E-MAIL???? I’m a little scared to try it out, but you can… this one comes in normal mail form, though, so hmm…

From the distant future emerges a strange new, grotesque, but perhaps, fun, interesting, and… exciting new world!

  • A randomly assigned adoptable scenecore/sparkledog holographic print WITH instructions to get a link to digital download of PNG to adoptable

  • A small holographic badge of said adoptable

  • A custom colored posca/watercolor drawing of ur sparklesona

  • A random custom kandi bracelet themed to the adoptable

  • A random custom plush vintage plush kandi necklace themed to the adoptable

  • 3 random holographic stickers



This bundle was drawn, compiled, designed, and hand made by Snap of Kiernan Sjursen-Lien/K+CO’s system.



Only 3 left in stock
  • No returns or refunds on this item.

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